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It's not about the label...

As they say, "life is a journey" - but that journey often means a bit of a rollercoaster ride - that isn't always great. 


Maybe you've been experiencing something that you can't 'label' - or maybe you have been experiencing other complex issues that you'd like some support with. Whether that's grief, mental illness, behaviours, disabilities, family violence, abuse, addictions, the list is endless. I will do my best to assist you wherever you may be in your journey. 

Counselling can help provide relief from painful or stressful experiences, assists in major life changes and reduces anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Counselling brings new perspectives, enabling people to develop more fulfilling ways of relating and being. People generally seek counselling for the following issues:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Life stage questioning / mid-life crises

  • Abuse

  • Confidence, self-esteem

  • Parenting

  • Support for Carers

  • Assertiveness

  • Relationship and marital issues

  • Family conflict

  • Adolescent counselling

  • Loss and grief

  • Anger management

  • Stress management

  • Women's and men's issues

  • Self-development

  • Career choices and work issues

Mother and Daughter

Case study - Sara

"I felt stuck." 

Do you ever get to a point where you feel like every day is the same? Rinse and repeat. I was on track to doing what was expected of me. You know, the whole finish high school, go to uni, get a good job, get married, get the house with the white picket fence, have kids. I did it all. But then I just crashed. I loved my partner and kids, don't get me wrong, but I just found it harder and harder to get up each day and face the piles of washing that was waiting for me, seeing my friends ask me out less and less to social events, because they knew my answer was most likely 'sorry, can't make it' for a variety of reasons. 

I started to feel really lost in myself, and questioning my self-identity. I felt like I was failing at everything - being a wife, a mother, a stellar employee. Too many balls juggling in the air, I just couldn't cope. 

Going to counselling helped me find better coping mechanisms and ways to start the hard work of really trying to figure out what I need to feel more like 'me' while still juggling a lot of responsibilities. We can't just pack our bags and run away, that's not the solution either. 

Counselling hasn't just been about venting, it's been gaining skills and tools to better ask important questions and figure out how to move in the right direction for me.  My partner told me he has noticed a positive change, that he feels I'm more able to 'be present' with him and the kids, and I've noticed myself laughing more and getting back to my old self. It's a work in progress, but I'm really glad I started the journey.

Name has been changed and permission was granted to use story with some elements amended so person is not able to be identified. 

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